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ForCean, deriving from For Ocean, brings together a group of tech talents with huge enthusiasm for the ocean. We focuses on R&D of coral and marine natural products. We use our intelligent aquaculture system and biotechnology to foster lab-grown coral with faster growth rate and low death rate. By doing so, we can provide “sustainable” and “high-quality” coral bioactive ingredients to manufacture skin care products, cosmetic and beauty products. Our novel techniques are supporting by National Sun Yat-sen University and TRUST-U Project of Ministry of Science and Technology (Taiwan). Our team are awarded by several honors such as 13th National Innovation Award (Taiwan), 20th Moscow Archimedes International Invention Exhibition Golden Medal Award, Women Inventors Association "NOVA" Bosnia and Herzegovina special award (2017) and Future Tech Award (Taiwan, 2017). Based above these, we can provide sustainable innovative coral bioactive ingredients and use them to develop effective skin care products. We still use these techniques to discover novel marine bioactive ingredients that are beneficial to human health continuously in the future.

/Our Professional Team/
An innovative team composed of scientists from new marine aquaculture and biotechnology and entrepreneurs of American Silicon Valley.


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